10 inspirational Bikepacking videos


It is difficult to create quality video content while bikepacking. carrying the equipment is hard, keep it charged is a pain, and after climbing a 8,000ft pass the last thing you want to do is stop, pull out all the equipment and make the shot happen. Here are a few of our favorite adventure cycling videographers who have put in the effort to create some good film.

Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe

This group of guys trekked around Mongolia for about a month, they are welcomed into yurts, are part of a yak fur fashion show, witness some Mongolian wrestling and archery, and cycled some badass roads. International bikepacking films are hard to come by but this is one of my favorites. you can find more from Jay Bird Films here.

Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights

Alistair Humphreys shows us the world of bothies. Bothies are hidden cottages or huts in the Scottish hillsides. Landowners give permission for people to adventure through their hills and stay a night or two in these hidden gems. Farmers and herders fled to the cities after World War Two leaving these abandon homes for people to adventure in. How cool is that? 

Joey Schusler

In my opinion, Mr. Schusler makes the best mountain bike videos on the net, his videos are high quality, polished, and have a kickass style. From the looks of it, it seems like he chooses a badass place to ride a bike, and then talks a hand full of his friends to help him haul a bunch of camera equipment into the mountains as they go on week long expeditions to different parts of the world. 

The Road From Karakol

Kyle Dempster is awesome. In my opinion this film is all about his character as he travels across Kyrgyzstan. He hates crossing rivers and being forced to drink vodka by solders at border crossings(who wouldn't), but loves to climb mountains and has a spirit that could inspire just about anyone. 

Another Horizon

Ben Page is on an around the world tour and has made a handful of videos you can find at anotherhorizon.org/. Here are a couple of my favorites from his tour across South America. 


The Solidream project is carried by three childhood friends : Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud and Siphay Vera. They cycled across a ton of countries and had one interesting and inspiring rule, they did not allow themselves to pay for lodging. love it. This forced them to interact more with the locals and find themselves in interesting situations instead of closing themselves off to the world in a motel room. The video below is a trailer of their film, you can rent it here. Do it! support these guys. 

I Want to See the World

Holy shit, this guy rode his bike across Alaska on the dalton highway and across the Yukon in the middle of winter!? Crazy. I think his goal is to continue to explore and discover places around the world. Iohan Gueorguiev has currently downsized his load to a bikepacking set up since this video was made and is riding trails throughout the United States. 


Tom Allen is a do it all bike tourer and loves writing about it and spreading content all over the web. Here you can find a trailer to his documentary he made about his bike tour turned love story. 

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