10 inspirational Bike touring blogs


Here are a handful Adventure cycling bloggers who make outstanding content and who’s blogs continually inspire us to ride our bikes in far out places. (photo above by Cass Gilbert)

Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphreys is a huge inspiration to us and the bike touring community as a whole. Alastair’s two books: “Moods of Future Joy” and “Thunder and Sunshine” were some of the first literature to tickle our brainwaves. In 2001, Alistair’s 4 year journey brought him across all 3 landmasses, and he did it on an exceedingly resourceful budget of $10,000 (crazy!). Alastair is a very talented writer and continues making random adventures happen all over the globe. His journeys have probably encouraged more people to go touring than than possibly anyone else on this list!


While Out Riding

Cass Gilbert’s photography played a HUGE part in getting our minds off the pavement and on to some dirt! Cass is probably one of my favorite all time photographers. He rode his bike the length of the Americas and is now making random month long trips around the globe.


Pikes on Bikes

This couple is hard core! Neil and Harriet Pike have spent years riding and mapping out desolate roads and high passes in the Andes mountains. I am not sure how many people have followed in their footsteps, but I have a feeling they were a big part of making the bikepacking in South America movement a thing. The Pikes also have a couple guide books floating around out there: “Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide (Trailblazer)”and an entire book on the Huayhuash Mountains in Peru, “Peru's Cordilleras Blanca & Huayhuash.”





Logan and Gin have cycled through Central America, Europe, and all over Africa. Logan also happened to put together the most comprehensive bible of bikepacking websites known to (wo)man. The site looks beautiful and is updated frequently with gear reviews and dirt routes from around the world.






Fat Cycling

Gina and Dan are fat biking it from Central America to the most southern tip of South America. The routes they are willing to tackle are incredible, some of which leave them pushing their bike as much as riding it. Gina and Dan are dedicated to truly finding the “path less traveled”. They have some great stories to share and a couple videos up on their site.  






Joe Cruz

His tires are fat and he rides some pretty kick ass routes. He is one of the rare bikepacking bloggers I have found which has ventured into Southeast Asia and Europe.






Pedal South

These four guys captured stories of locals as they rode from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. Their video work is outstanding and I can not wait until they finish their feature length documentary. One of the members, Riley, is also from Austin, TX, and we had the good fortune of grabbing a beer with him during his week long break back home from Honduras.






Gypsy by Trade

Nicholas Carman and Leal Wilcox work for six months and travel for six months out of every year. This is a great way to live life, and they are pros at it. Nic and Leal are a rare bikepacking couple that has traveled and created a wealth of information about bikepacking Europe. They are currently making what looks to be a outstanding 2,000 mile bikepacking route in Baja California, the Baja Divide. And Leal is known for kicking ass in long distance off road racing!






Getting Nowhere

Mat and Ania take wonderful photos and I think they have been touring for about a year now. They are currently in New Zealand and are definitely willing to take their bikes on some serious routes. 






Traveling Two

During our initial dive into bike touring research, Traveling Two had ALL the answers. They were pretty much our go-to resource for basic information and getting our feet wet in cycle touring. They have cycled 37,282 miles across 30 countries and have a very organized blog pulling together tips from many different riders. Traveling Two is an indispensible resource for anyone starting out.




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