Do More WIth Less


In 2014, just before dreams of riding bikes started coming at us at 100 miles an hour I hiked the PCT and made a film about it. Together, Travis Barron and I directed, filmed, and edited Do More With Less. Find out more at

Do More With Less is a conversation between over 100 hikers traveling from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Throughout the 2,660 miles and endless challenges the community talks about hiking, abandoning the grid, and how to live an adventurous lifestyle. This film is not-for-profit and was made to give back to the PCT community.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,660 mile hiking trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Officially designated in 1968, the PCT traverses the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges and passes by iconic natural landmarks including Mt. Whitney and Crater Lake

Thru-hiking is walking the entire length of a trail in one season. On the PCT, this can take up to five months. PCT thru-hikers must cover over 450,000 feet of vertical climbs and hike through extreme climate changes. The trail starts in the deserts of Southern California, continues up into the dramatic Sierras, the upper-deserts of Northern California, Oregon’s majestic forrests, and the Cascade mountains of Washington State.


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